Correct the purchase of protective film coating machine

- Sep 15, 2017-

First: Do not one-sided pursuit of imported protective film coating machine, to choose the most suitable for enterprise production models. Not the best, only in the most suitable. Enterprises in the selection of protective film coating machine must ensure that its quality, its pros and cons are relative, to ensure a good cutting effect. For example, even imported blades may be improperly cut when applied, and domestic blades can reach the level of imported blades. As for the enterprise to choose which type of blade needs to be carefully accumulated in practice and summary, so as to be able to find suitable for the production of protective film coating machine.

Second: correctly deal with the relationship between cost-performance of protective film coating machine. Not necessarily high price is fine, to high-speed slitter as an example, its use is an import blade, but in order to improve the efficient production of enterprises at the same time, but also to be equipped with imported blades, in addition, its blade clamping system and process requirements are relatively high, do not make the upfront investment big, late investment is relatively high. Moreover, in the process of high-speed slitting, the imported protective film coater is often at the edge of the limit and its stability is good. This kind of protective film coater often appears in the middle and late stage of the use of the blade precision drop. Therefore, enterprises in the purchase of protective film coating machine not only the pursuit of efficient and high prices, to choose the highest cost-effective and most suitable for their protective film coater.

In addition, many enterprises also chose a small coating machine, its use of CNC panel design, can achieve three of modes of storage, less error, long service life, and travel control is very accurate, enterprises can choose according to their own actual situation.