Control systems involved in fabric Pvc coaters

- Apr 05, 2019-

The fabric Pvc coating machine contains a variety of control systems, one of which is the parent roll conveying system, which adopts a single-station lifting unwinding method, equipped with two 3-inch male-inflated air-expansion shafts, and a 5kg magnetic powder brake control unwinding. Tension, the whole frame adopts epc hydraulic automatic deviation correction and pneumatic film-bonding mechanism to ensure stable operation of the machine during unwinding and improve production efficiency.


There is also a coating system for the fabric Pvc coater, which is coated by a reticulated coating, equipped with four anilox rolls, a glue level control system, a double-sided scraper, an aluminum alloy press plate and a transition roll. The movement type is rubber roller, demoulding and rubberizing. The cylinder is used to control the up and down movement and limit protection. The air pressure can be adjusted and controlled by solenoid valve.


In addition, the heating and drying system is also essential in fabric Pvc coating machines. It uses a variety of heating methods such as electricity, hot air, steam, and heat transfer oil. The inner and outer walls and the wind biliary are made of cold-rolled sheets; the nozzles are made of cold-rolled sheets to make white zinc plating. The internal filling of 80mm gully ultra-fine glass wool can keep the temperature at 105-115 degrees Celsius, ensuring that the coating meets the process requirements.


In addition, the cooling system is also one of the fabric Pvc coating machine control systems. The surface is plated with a hard chrome cooling roller to cool, shape, and equip the power roller with a surface knurled Teflon release layer. The curved stretch roller of NBR rubber, the transition roller of aluminum alloy and the hydraulic ground correction device provide guarantee for the tidy and beautiful appearance.