Control system of the of the coating machine for PVC PU wall cloth

- Jan 22, 2019-

The coating machine for PVC PU wall cloth includes a plurality of control systems such as a mother roll conveying system, a coating system, a heating drying system, and a cooling system. The mother roll conveying system adopts single-station lifting unwinding mode, equipped with two 3-inch male key air expansion shafts, 5kg magnetic powder brake to control the unwinding tension, and the whole frame adopts hydraulic automatic deviation correction and pneumatic film-bonding mechanism to ensure unwinding. The machine runs stably during the process and improves production efficiency.

The coating machine for PVC PU wall cloth adopts the coating method of net coating, equipped with four anilox rolls, a glue level control system, a double-sided scraper, an aluminum alloy press plate and a transition roller. The movement type is rubber roller, demoulding and rubberizing. The cylinder is used to control the up and down movement and limit protection. The air pressure can be adjusted and controlled by solenoid valve.

The heating and drying system is also an important part of the coating machine for PVC PU wall cloth. It uses electric, hot air, steam, heat transfer oil and other heating methods; the inner and outer walls and the wind biliary are made of cold-rolled sheets; the nozzles are cold-rolled. The board is made of white zinc. The internal filling of 80mm gully ultra-fine glass wool can keep the temperature at 105-115 degrees Celsius, ensuring that the coating meets the process requirements.