Control characteristics and scheme of textile hot air setting machine

- Oct 26, 2018-

The whole system of the textile hot air setting machine adopts advanced communication digital quantity control, and the transmission part adopts the AC variable frequency transmission. The main chain is one master and one slave, and the encoder signal feedback is used. The PLC samples the main chain encoder every 20ms, compares it with the main main chain encoder signal, adjusts the speed from the main chain according to the feedback pulse difference, and then clears the main From the pulse value, the cumulative error is avoided to ensure the speed synchronization of the master-slave main chain. A slave speed correction is provided on the HMI.


In addition to the cloth and the cloth side, the textile hot air setting machine also has a door width control in each room drying room. The whole machine has 10 sections of amplitude modulation. In order to make the door width error within the process requirements, the encoder bidirectional counting control is adopted. The temperature of the drying room is directly input into the PLC by 8 channels of PT100 (control precision 12 bits), and the PID is adjusted by PLC programming. The temperature of each section of the drying room is displayed on the HMI and can be adjusted.


There is no tension sensor between the transmission units of the textile hot air setting machine, so there is a fine adjustment of the speed on the HMI. In addition, the upper and lower overfeeding variable frequency external braking resistors of the textile hot air setting machine avoid the frequent failure of the frequency converter caused by the energy consumption braking during the negative overfeeding process.