Construction of awning fabric coating machine and its sizing process

- Mar 09, 2019-

Construction of awning fabric coating machine and its sizing process

In the production of conventional coated fabrics, there are generally two methods for applying the slurry to the fabric, namely the dipping method and the knife scraping method. However, a single sizing method will unevenly apply the cloth and affect the coating quality. In order to solve this problem, a awning fabric coating machine was developed.


The awning fabric coating machine has a dip coating device and a sizing device, and sizing the cloth by immersion and knife scraping, the slurry coating film is more uniform and the effect is better, and the sizing of the cloth of different thickness can also be achieved by the elasticity of the tension spring. And maintain the same sizing effect.

 The dip device of the awning fabric coating machine comprises a slurry box and a pressing roller; the sizing device comprises a base, a support frame, a sizing roller, a liquid storage cylinder and a scraper. During the production process, the cloth is driven by the driving wheel, and the slurry box is pressed into the slurry by the pressing roller, and enters the sizing device through the first guiding wheel and the second guiding wheel, The liquid storage chamber of the sizing device transports the slurry through the infusion pipe to the liquid storage tube and the slurry can be extruded from the discharge orifice of the reservoir.


When the through hole on the sizing roller is aligned with the discharge hole, it is extrusion-applied from the through hole to the cloth, and the tension spring on the support frame pulls the support frame according to the thickness of the cloth, so that the surface of the sizing roller abuts against the cloth to move the cloth The sizing roller is driven to rotate, and after the cloth is applied by the sizing roller, the scraper on the support frame scrapes the slurry on the fabric to make the slurry uniform, and the torsion spring is arranged at the joint between the tail end of the scraper and the support frame, and the torsion spring clamps the scraper toward the cloth direction. The scraper is pressed against the cloth to make the scraping effect better. After the sizing is completed, the fabric is sent to the next process through the driven wheel.