Composition and working purpose of textile hot air heat setting tenter

- Oct 31, 2018-

The main components of the textile hot air heat setting tenter are divided into the feeding part, the weft feeder, the chain, the oven body and the falling cloth device. The fabric is fed into the machine by the stripping device, and the machine automatically spreads the two webs. The end is attached to the needle plate, and both ends of the needle plate enter the oven with the mechanical running cloth. The oven is heated by electric heating, the fan blows air, and after several continuous constant temperature ovens of different temperature sections, the tail end of the cloth is cooled to static electricity. After that, the swing falls into the cloth and the cloth is crisp and beautiful.


The inlet shelf and width limiter set by the textile hot air heat setting tenter can help the cloth guide to unfold and calibrate the cloth, and can choose the high and low pull-in cloth; the spreader and the cloth edge tracker are responsible for the upper needle front edge The unfolding and edge tracking function; the needle clip chain and the track transport the cloth into the oven by the needle board or the splint; the air exhaust system of the setting machine has a row of windmills, a duct and an inlet, an exhaust damper, and an exhaust. Optimized design; hot air circulation bellows, installation of hot air circulation windmills, heat exchangers, drying or styling fabrics.


When the textile hot air heat setting tenter is mainly working, it can improve the hand feeling, slip, color, width, strength and appearance of the fabric by padding various dyeing materials for soft, stiff, anti-slip, tenter and resin finishing. For non-pure cotton varieties, it can also play a role in stabilizing the size. The chemical material is infiltrated into the cloth trough, and is uniformly pressed by the roller to enter the oven. When the cloth passes through the oven, the setting machine is dried under the action of high temperature hot air, and the cloth after the setting has a good hand feeling and stable size. It is mainly used for heat setting of warp knitting, weft knitting and chemical fiber fabrics. It can also be used for various fabrics such as coating, wool, cotton and polyester.