Composition and characteristics of latex mattress production line

- May 09, 2018-

The latex mattress production line is a production facility used to produce latex mattresses.


Latex mattress is a type of mattress obtained by collecting rubber tree sap from rubber tree, and then through some processes and techniques to carry out operations such as molding, foaming, coagulation, fluidization, washing, drying, molding and packaging. This kind of mattress has high elasticity, strong ability to absorb shock, good resistance to compression fatigue and bearing type, and it can also be comfortable and durable.


Latex mattress production line has product specifications and corresponding parameters:

Product width: 1500-2600mm

Product thickness: 1-100mm

Heating temperature: from normal temperature to high temperature 220°C

Heat source: Direct steam injection or via steam heat exchanger

Line speed: 3-15m/min


The latex mattress production line consists of a numerical control squeegee, a steam vulcanization setting room, three wash water pressure rollers and a three-layer drying oven. These four are the main components. In addition, there will be some devices, instrumentation and ancillary equipment.


Latex mattress production line can realize PLC automatic control, so as to improve work efficiency and reduce manual operation intensity. In addition, it uses three washings, which can effectively restore the natural breath of latex. In PLC control, some parameters such as speed, temperature, humidity, and air volume can be controlled and adjusted.