Comparison of single and double coating of waterproof fabric coating machine

- Oct 24, 2018-

The coating of the waterproof fabric coating machine can be divided into a single-sided coating and a double-sided coating, and the one-side coating is applied only to one side of the substrate; the double-sided coating is applied to both sides of the substrate. Whether single-sided or double-sided coating can be divided into single-layer coating and double-layer coating.


Double-layer coating is used to produce coated fabrics with higher quality requirements and larger coating weight. Double coated fabrics have better printability than single coated fabrics and are an effective way to improve the quality of coated fabrics. In addition to the above brief introduction, the waterproof fabric coating machine has the following differences in terms of its characteristics in terms of single layer and double layer coating.


The double-layer coating of the waterproof fabric coating machine can be applied in two aspects. The first one is a thermally ablated ctp plate material, generally adopting double-layer coating, the bottom layer is an ink-receiving layer, and the upper layer is a hydrophilic layer. Simultaneously working with a double coating wheel, the photosensitive oil is uniformly applied to the surface of the sheet by rolling. The auxiliary smooth transmission ensures good consistency. The coating thickness of the photographic oil is precisely adjusted by the extrusion method and the dial gauge, and the technical requirements are met. The thickness of the plate is different, and the fine adjustment system can be finely adjusted by the horizontal fine adjustment system. Make sure that the different specifications of the product can achieve the desired coating effect.


The single-layer coating of the waterproof fabric coating machine adopts a slit extrusion coating method, and the coating precision and uniformity are good. The horizontal suspension type oven and the roller type oven are used to achieve the effect of small oven size, good drying effect and fast running speed. The inside of the oven uses hot air and infrared drying to improve the drying effect.