Coating process and operation advantages of non-woven coater

- Jul 06, 2018-

The non-woven coater needs to evenly adhere its glue or ink-like substance to the surface of plastic film, cloth textile or aluminum foil. The process of coating the cloth coating machine to a certain extent is relatively high. In the operation, not only the coating height is required to be uniform, but also high-speed non-stop changeover is required to improve production efficiency.


The non-woven coater is mainly used by the frequency converter to effectively complete the tension control of each stage, so that the tension sensor can effectively realize the tension control, and the whole equipment system is simple and stable, and is being produced. The main reason is to use PLC or synchronous controller to control the speed of the drive roller inverter, and also serve as the line speed signal of other inverters.


The non-woven coater mainly adopts closed-loop tension control, so that the tension in the process of acceleration and deceleration can be easily realized, the space for installing the tension roller is saved to a certain extent, the mechanical cost is effectively reduced, and high-precision control is ensured. The coating effect is highly uniform.