Coating method classification (in accordance with the requirements of the process)

- Dec 27, 2017-

According to the process requirements, there are three main coating methods: direct coating, transfer coating and wet coating. The three methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.


Direct coating more applications, more for the production of waterproof coating, surface coating and other products. Its advantage is to adapt to more varieties, wide range of applications, flexibility, but also waterproof and moisture-permeable coating processing, but its performance is lower than the wet processing.


Transfer coating production process is relatively complicated. Because of its unique release paper with a variety of texture, coupled with the rapid development of high-quality polyurethane coating machines in the gloss and touch on the match, so it is particularly suitable for the production of artificial leather to distinguish true and false extent.


Wet coating is mostly used to produce high-grade waterproof and moisture permeable coating products. Its products are excellent in performance, and the disadvantages are poor adaptability, narrow application scope, solvent recovery, environmental protection, labor protection and so on. Therefore, the development is limited.