Coating method classification

- Dec 29, 2017-

The coating method can be divided into Roller coating, mesh coating and Blade coating.


--- Roller coating in the amount of uniformity is poor, it is difficult to process high-quality coating products, generally used for thick fabric processing.


--- Mesh coating can make the product very fine. Through the open-hole rate of the cylinder, the amount of slurry control, as well as different angles to the pressure control to ensure that the amount of slurry and left and right uniformity, automatic weighing device with the speed automatically adjust speed.


--- Blade coating history is longer, the application is also very much. Knife coating is difficult to achieve self-control, its amount of pulp by the work experience control, the uniformity of left and right is difficult to guarantee, the error is larger, which for the clothing coating products deviation is bigger. But the knife can be very thick, ideal for heavy products such as tarpaulin fabric and banners fabric. In addition, knife coating on the seam head has special requirements, the need to buy a special sewing device, or the addition of an automatic jump device, skip each connector, but this will result in coating machine and fabric waste.