Coating method and operation requirements of waterproof fabric coating machine

- Jul 18, 2018-

The waterproof fabric coating machine is mainly used for the surface coating process of paper, film and the like in the process of operation, and the waterproof fabric coating opportunity is effective to apply a layer of specific function glue and coating to the roll substrate. Or ink, etc., and then wind up after drying.


The waterproof fabric coating machine mainly adopts a special multi-functional coating head, so that various forms of surface coating can be realized to a certain extent, and the rewinding and unwinding of the coating machine is all equipped with a full-speed automatic film-bonding mechanism, PLC Program tension closed loop automatic control.


The spray coating technology of the waterproof fabric coating machine is a non-contact coating method, which can effectively adopt the controllable high-pressure spray technology during operation, and can coat the paperboard on one side or both sides to some extent. The multi-layer curtain coater can impart a three-layer structure (bottom layer, absorbing layer and top layer) to the surface of the ink jet printing paper with only one coating operation, and can obtain a uniform coating on the uneven paper surface.