Coating method and heating method of textile coating machinery

- Jan 09, 2019-

The textile coating machinery is mainly used for the lithium battery industry when it is used. The metal (web) foil can be applied once or both sides. The textile coating machine's AC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, front traction, coating, composite traction, winding and other multi-point synchronous control.

The textile coating machine adopts the perfect combination of PLC program control and man-machine interface, and has the advantages of accuracy, sensitivity, easy operation and anti-interference. The coating method adopts the wire roller rolling coating method, and the automatic homogenizing function is set; the wire roller is processed by a special method.

The drying part of the textile coating machine is a segmented independent constant temperature drying system, which can adopt various heating modes such as hot air circulation or infrared radiation, and automatically control the temperature in each temperature zone, and the adjustable circulation intake and exhaust system. The guide roller in the oven adopts the master-slave double-slip installation mode, which is synchronously driven with the main machine. The oven can be opened on both sides or the cylinder top open type, double-side operation and maintenance platform and guard rail.

Automatic coating machinery, automatic lifting speed, automatic break detection, automatic fault alarm, automatic clutching of pneumatic components, etc. The rewinding and unwinding adopts the double-station reversing type or the single-station hydraulic lifting type, and the material roll is loaded and unloaded by the inflation shaft.