Coating machine technology and application introduction

- Nov 22, 2017-

In the film and paper products such as the production process, often through a series of processing and processing, which will be applied to a wide range of equipment, of which a device is the coating machine. The main role of the coating machine is coated in a roll of substrate with a specific function of the plastic, paint or ink, etc., and after drying winding. The device uses a dedicated multi-purpose coating head.


Therefore, in practice, the coating machine can be used to complete different forms of surface coating requirements. In addition, the equipment part of the roll-up volume are used automatic film access mechanism, PLC program tension closed-loop automatic control. At present can also be used for shoes, electronics, sponge, EVA, PE and fabric coating operations.


In practice, if the product is more stringent on the coating requirements, then in the process of operation, on the one hand to ensure that the coating machine coating uniformity, on the other hand is to achieve high-speed non-stop machine for coil replacement requirements, Thus ensuring a higher production efficiency. Usually use the equipment to glue or ink and other substances uniformly adhered to the aluminum foil, plastic film or cloth textile surface.


As technology advances, coater performance and automation levels are also gradually increased. For example, the inverter can be used to achieve good control of tension. Tension sensor is usually used to achieve tension control, the entire system to maintain stable operation. In addition, by using PLC or synchronous controller, you can also control the drive roller drive speed, but also can be used as the other drive line speed signal.


In this way, production stability can be maintained even during deceleration. This is because on the one hand to maintain a constant tension, on the other hand can save the installation of tension roller space, reduce the cost of use, and high precision control and can guarantee the coating machine processing effect.