Coating machine process requirements and program advantages

- Nov 11, 2017-

The coating machine is mainly used for the surface coating process of paper, film and the like during the process of using the coating machine. When the equipment is in use, the coated substrate will be effectively coated with a specific function of coating materials, inks and Glue and other products, after drying winding.

Coater effective use of its dedicated multi-purpose coating head, so that it will be able to effectively achieve its various forms of surface coating to produce a certain degree of cloth machine retractable volume are equipped with full-speed automatic film access institutions, PLC program tension closed loop automatic control.

Coating machine process requirements

Coating machine in the production process need effective glue or ink materials uniformly adhered to the aluminum foil, plastic film or cloth textile surface, the use of the coating process will be relatively high requirements, In the use of not only the coating requires a uniform height but also be able to achieve high-speed non-stop coil change to improve production efficiency.


Coating machine program benefits

Equipment in the process of production, mainly by the inverter to effectively complete the tension control at all levels, so will make the tension sensor to some extent, tension control, the entire equipment system is simple and stable, mainly used in the use of PLC or synchronous controller to control drive roller drive speed, at the same time as the other drive line speed signal.

The tension control of the closed loop of the coating machine can easily achieve the constant tension in the acceleration and deceleration process during use and save the space for installing the tension roller so as to reduce the mechanical cost to a certain degree and the high precision control ensures that the coating Cloth effect is highly uniform.


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