Coating machine manufacturer's coating work is divided into which

- Sep 15, 2017-

Coating machine manufacturers of structural structure at both ends of the coating machine on the vertical support arm, through the belt, chain or cable transmission, so that the coating mechanism up and down movement, along the surface of the screen coating. The transmission mechanism is connected with the servo or frequency conversion motor, so that the operation is stable and the position of the coating mechanism can be controlled precisely.

Before the coating, will be clean, a good network version of the screen from the front of the coating machine, some models can also be installed from the side of the network version. In the large screen frame design of the model, side-mounted version more common, because the grid frame is large and bulky, side-mounted version, can make the lifting capacity and moving less. In the automatic screen coater and other automatic screen processing equipment (such as cleaning equipment, renewable equipment, drying devices and the development of machines) in the run-time, from the side of the plate more convenient.

Coating machine Manufacturers Regardless of how the screen is installed, once the screen is in the correct position, pneumatic clamping device or mechanical clamping device is closed, the screen lock. In order to operate more convenient, many models have pedal control plate clamp action, operators can vacate hands to control the screen version. After the installation of the screen, to the automatic coating Jing into the corresponding emulsion, you can start coating.

A small coater is a machine which is a solid-state continuous film formed by coating the coating on the substrate. Coater manufacturers tell us that the coating of a small coating machine is usually composed of multiple coatings, depending on the requirements of the coated objects. CNC panel, completely independent settings, three kinds of mode can be stored, each mode of coating distance, coating speed arbitrary adjustment, different people, different time operation of the machine, all coating parameters to ensure a high degree of consistency. The error is minimal. Imported steel rod transmission, compared to the traditional belt drive, more stable operation, longer service life, more accurate stroke control.