Coating machine for PVC PU wall cloth operation precautions

- Nov 17, 2018-

As an operator of Coating machine for PVC PU wall cloth, it must be pre-employment training and qualified before being employed, and should strictly abide by these operating procedures. Except for the necessary maintenance personnel, it is strictly forbidden for non-personnel personnel to operate the equipment or change the setting parameters.

The roller speed ratio of the Coating machine for PVC PU wall cloth is recommended to be in the range of 1.3 to 1.5; it must be confirmed that the air heater can be started after the drying fan has been started. When adjusting the gap between the coating roller and the back roller, the slurry on the coating roller should be wiped off without sticking the back roller. The parallel and gap of the two rollers must be consistent.

After resetting the parameters of the Coating machine for PVC PU wall cloth, be sure to press the button to change the parameters. Immediately after shutdown, clean the hopper, scraper, coating roller and back roller with alcohol or acetone. The surface should not be scratched or damaged; and pay attention to keep the back roller cylinder and linear slide clean and lubricated. The bearing parts of Coating machine for PVC PU wall cloth must be regularly lubricated and lubricated. The gear box must be changed or refilled regularly. The equipment 5S should be done at all times to keep the equipment and the surrounding environment clean and tidy.