Coating machine for nonwoven specific application and parameter description and filter type

- Nov 15, 2017-

This kind of coating machine, the specific type which will be referred to below, is a kind of non-woven coating machine, because it is more applied in some fields or industries, and it is also Therefore, it is necessary to know about this kind of coating machine in order to use it correctly and rationally, and then to play its due role.


1. Equipment applications and specific role

Specifically, the coating machine for nonwove is a non-woven fabric that is coated with a cloth. Therefore, there is a limit to the object of application, and it is a cloth that is a non-woven cloth. However, Not other cloth. As for its application in the range, mainly in the non-woven deep processing, in order to achieve processing purposes, and have good processing results.


2. Non-woven coating machine in the non-woven

Coating machine in the non-woven, also known as non-woven, its full English name is Non Woven Fabric or Nonwoven cloth, is composed of directional or random fibers. Because it has the appearance of a cloth and some properties of a cloth, it is called a non-woven cloth. The non-woven substrate double-sided adhesive, which is double-sided non-woven substrate coated with acrylic adhesive to form.

Non-woven fabrics, most of which are polypropylene, that is, PP material as raw material, and then by the high temperature melting, spinning and hot pressing and other operations to get, so it has light weight, good flexibility, moisture permeability, no Toxic non-stimulating, as well as recyclable and other advantages. In addition, since the non-woven fabric has no warp and weft, it is very convenient and easy to cut and sew it, or to be further processed without any difficulty.



3 non-woven coating machine related letters meaning

Non-woven coating machine, some of its capital letters, is a specific meaning, is:

S: is a spunbond non-woven fabric, which is made from a single layer of hot-rolled web;

SS: Two spunbond nonwovens made from two layers of web hot rolled;

SMS: Spunbond nonwovens + meltblown nonwovens + spunbond nonwovens, hot rolled from three webs;

SMMS: is a spunbond nonwoven + meltblown nonwoven + meltblown nonwoven + spunbond nonwoven, which is hot-rolled from four webs.


4. Related parameters and air filter type

Non-woven coating machine This kind of coating machine, in terms of the relevant parameters, there are many, if the temperature is a specific aspect, there are two hot-melt temperature and coating temperature, in addition, There will be some other related parameters. The air coater in the coating machine, in general, is a primary effect, efficiency and efficiency of these three. Among them, high-efficiency filter should be high temperature type.