Coating machine classification and usage

- Feb 26, 2018-

Coating machine can roll the substrate, such as paper, cloth, leather, aluminum foil, plastic film, coated with a layer of a specific function of plastic, paint or ink, etc., and drying winding. Coating machine is mainly used in shoe materials, electronics, EVA, PE, fabric, paper, printing, battery plates, and other coating. Coating process is mainly unwinding - coating - drying - traction - winding the five completion parts, of which the most important is the coating process. In accordance with the different coating method, coating machine is divided into the following categories:


One: brush coating machine

Brush coating machine is the oldest coating equipment originally used in the 1850s to produce coated wall paper with china clay coatings. There are 3 different types of brush applicators: round brush applicator, blanket applicator and blanket applicator. Figure 1 is an early use brush coating head.


Two: air knife coating machine

The advent of air knife coating machine in the 1930s marks the birth of the modern paper coating industry. Air knife coating machine is to overcome the above shortcomings of brush coating machine, quickly be promoted, resulting in a sharp increase in coated paper production. Air knife coating head of the typical structure and working principle as shown below.


Three: scraper coating machine

The first knife coater patent appeared in the 1950s. Since then blade coating machine technology has been rapid development. According to feeding equipment, scraper blade type and the location of the installation of different blade coating head is also divided into many kinds, such as the hard blade blade coater, drag blade coater, soft blade blade coater, fountain-style Material knife coater, Short residence knife coater, Bill blade coater, doctor blade coater and the like.


Four: roll coating machine

Roll coating is applied to the coated surface by a coating roll, and in-machine coating is dominated by such coaters. The amount of coating can be adjusted by measuring the pressure between the rolls, the pressure is increased, the amount of coating material is reduced, and the coating amount is also reduced. Type of roll coater:

1, squeeze roll coating head

2, reverse roll coating head

3, delivery roller coating head

4, Gravure roll coating head


Five: spray coating machine

Spray coating technology is a non-contact coating method that applies a single or double-sided coating (sizing) of paper or paperboard using controlled high pressure spray technology.

Six: curtain coating machine

The multi-layer curtain coater can impart a three-layer structure on the surface of the ink-jet printing paper (primer layer, absorption layer

And top layer) and to obtain a uniform coating on the surface of the uneven paper