Coating machine before coating requirements and screen installation

- Apr 14, 2018-

During the operation of the coating machine, the coating machine can effectively roll its substrate materials such as cloth, plastic film, and paper, effectively apply a layer of glue and ink with specific functions, and the coating is effective. After the drying, the winding is performed.

The coating machine can effectively install the clean stretched net directly from the front of the equipment before coating. During operation, some of its models can be directly loaded from the side. The coating machine is a large-format web. In the box design model, side loading is more common.

When the coating machine is in operation, because of its large frame, it is loaded on the side, so that the pulling amount and the lifting amount can be reduced to a certain extent. When the equipment is online with the automatic screen processing equipment, Side loading is more convenient.

The coating machine to a certain extent no matter how the screen is installed, once the screen is in the correct position during operation, its mechanical clamping device and pneumatic clamping device will appear closed, so that Will directly lock the screen.

In order to make the operation of the coating machine more convenient, many types of devices in the device have their foot pedals to control the clamping action, and their operators can use some hands to control the screen. After the installation of the screen plate is completed, the corresponding emulsion can be effectively poured into the device, and the coating can be started.