Cleaning and maintenance of conveyor belts for denim coating machine parts

- Nov 03, 2018-

In the coating process of the denim coater, in order to ensure the safety device of the coating equipment, the grounding wire should be used, and the independent leakage switch of the device should be used safely; and the denim coating machine should be kept clean, and the machine should be tightened by the air before starting the machine every day. Dust inside and outside the shell, wire debris, etc. should be cleaned; in addition, the workbench and the outer cover of the denim coater should not be placed with hard objects to avoid damage to the conveyor belt.


The denim coating machine starts by pressing the power to start, and the temperature is set to 50~60°C first. Do not exceed 80°C, and adjust the required temperature again. Do not stop suddenly during high temperature operation. In case of sudden situation, the conveyor belt will be slowly rotated by manual installation.


It should be emphasized that as one of the important parts of the denim coating machine, the conveyor belt needs regular cleaning and maintenance. For example, when the adhesive is very hot, the cleaning belt should be cleaned every 4 hours; it must be cleaned before the machine is stopped. Times. It is also necessary to regularly apply the smoothing oil to the gears of the denim coating machine every day to ensure the long-term smooth running of the denim coating machine.


If the denim coater is moved to the original position, be sure to adjust the degree to prevent uneven pressure or belt deviation and damage. Before using the machine for shutdown, it is necessary to adjust the pressure to no pressure, turn off the heating system, maintain the conveyor belt and set the delay cooling or automatic shutdown.