Cleaning and maintenance method of non-woven coating machine

- Feb 24, 2019-

In order to obtain the desired coating effect, first ensure that the non-woven coating machine is installed horizontally, and the grounding wire should be installed. The independent leakage switch should be installed safely. At the same time, keep the non-woven coater clean. Use a compressed air machine to clean the dust inside and outside the casing and the thread debris before starting the machine every day. Hard objects should not be placed on the workbench or the outer cover to avoid damage to the conveyor belt.


The coating machine starts up by pressing the power supply, and the temperature is set to 50~60°C first. Do not adjust the required temperature again by more than 80°C. Speed, temperature, pressure, etc. can be adjusted freely according to the operation requirements. Regularly clean the conveyor belt; regularly apply lubricant to each transmission part of the coating machine every day to ensure smooth operation of the coating machine for a long time.


If the non-woven coating machine is installed in the original position, be sure to adjust the level to prevent uneven pressure or belt deviation and damage. Before using the machine for shutdown, the pressure must be adjusted to no pressure, the heating system is turned off, the conveyor belt is serviced, and the delay cooling or automatic shutdown is set.