Causes and countermeasures of wrinkling of pole pieces during coating machine operation

- Oct 28, 2019-

1. The overall installation accuracy is low. The installation center of each component deviates from the center line of the whole machine design, or it has an angle with the design center. The foil strip will be seriously wrinkled and the installation center must be adjusted.


2. The excessive parallelism between the rollers will cause the foil strip to wrinkle. It is necessary to check carefully whether the vertical projection surfaces are not parallel or the horizontal plane is not parallel, and then adjust.


3. The roughness of the surface of the roller is too poor, the surface of the roller is not smooth enough, and the foil is wrinkled when there is obvious processing texture. It needs to be replaced by the manufacturer.


4. The back roller and each roller are stuck with foreign matter or use too much water. Isopropyl alcohol scrubbing requires frequent inspection, timely detection and cleaning, and careful not to damage the roller surface.


5. The foil strip joint is not good. When the tension between the two sides of the foil strip is unbalanced, the pole piece is wrinkled. First adjust the tension adjusting roller under the coating head. After the foil strip is gradually stable, adjust the adjusting roller to the original state.


6. When the back roller and the coating roller are in contact with each other, the gap between the two ends is inconsistent and the pole piece is wrinkled. Coating online believes that no matter whether the first side or the second side is applied, the gap should be carefully adjusted. Firstly, the gap is appropriately enlarged, and then slowly reduced. At the same time, observe the time when the coating roller just touches the foil strip. Divide the scale and reduce the gap by 0.03mm.


7. When the correction system is abnormal, the pole piece will be wrinkled. Check the three correction systems before and after the inspection, whether it is in the automatic state. According to the coating online, the length of the two sides of the foil strip is inconsistent, that is, when the file is bent too much, the pole piece wrinkles will occur, which exceeds the correcting ability and has to be replaced with the foil.


8. When the pole piece tension is too large, the pole piece is wrinkled. Check that the tension setting is reasonable. Then check each drive roller. The rotation of the rewinding roller is flexible, and the inflexible roller is processed in time.


9. When the back roller is in the inconsistent stroke, the pole piece is wrinkled. It is necessary for the mechanic to check, confirm and adjust. After the back roller and the coating roller are pulled apart, the gap between the two sides is 1mm (see the dial indicator), and the test is started. When the tail is qualified, lock the nut.


10. The surface of the rubber roller on the back roller will undergo periodic elastic deformation during re-use. When a certain degree of deformation remains, wrinkles will occur. At this time, new products must be replaced.


11. According to the coating online, the parallel state of each roller is destroyed due to the looseness of a certain roller fastening screw, and wrinkles may occur at this time. As long as it is found in time to adjust and tighten in time.