Carpet Pvc Backing Machine plasticization solution

- Oct 16, 2017-

In the production and production of the carpet, in order to better protect its performance, often need to add a layer of backing. For example, there are many times to use PVC backing. In dealing with this material when the plastic part of which is a key content can not be ignored. Next, we will be on this issue to analyze the carpet PVC on the plastic machine to solve the situation.

In fact, with the continuous improvement of the technical level, the current situation in dealing with this issue, due to the performance of the carpet PVC liner continuously improved, in practice, not only better to ensure the operation level of the process, and the overall control and Production accuracy has a certain degree of improvement. In addition, there are some improvements in energy consumption and electrical control.

So, in the actual processing work, carpet PVC backing machine performance? In the production line, in fact, there are many other devices, such as conveyor transmission system, unwinding device, multi-effect cooling device, winding device, pneumatic system and electronic control system. In other words, it is because of these devices with each other production, was able to better meet the user's requirements.


In view of the practical application of the effect, in fact, the carpet PVC liner machine width range is still relatively wide, and its ability to handle different carpet coil and carpet. In addition, during the operation, the user can also adjust the speed according to their own needs to ensure the quality of production.

In addition, in the process of operating the carpet PVC backing machine, the temperature conditions can also achieve better control. In short, the use of carpet PVC backing machine has a lot of benefits. Because it can not only further enhance the overall quality of the operation, but also can significantly improve the efficiency of the operation.


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