Carpet coating machine

- Dec 23, 2017-

Carpet coating machine process introduction

Carpet coating machine gluing process is as follows:

Single-sided adhesive: Carpet → single-sided adhesive → drying → baking → roll.

Jute backing: carpet → single-sided glue → pre-bake → second glue → jute cloth lining → pressure → drying on baking → roll.

Foam backing: carpet → single-sided adhesive → pre-drying → coated foam → drying → baking → roll.
1, single-sided sizing

Sided on the single side of the carpet is mainly to fix the fiber pile, size stability, stiffness, no slipping and so on. Glue way with the general fabric coating process using roller scraper similar. The carpet is processed with the front side up. The adhesive in the sump is applied to the carpet by the dip roller and a thicker layer is applied to the back. The excess adhesive is scraped off by the scraper and returned to the sump.


2, jute backing

Tufting carpet gluing process commonly used double-layer backing method, after the first glue, the carpet back up, tenter by the two sides of the carpet tension, after pre-bake, with a roller scraper device for the second time Glue, at the same time feeding jute cloth, the pressure roller will jute cloth pressed on the carpet, for drying and baking.



 3, foam backing

Carpet after the first glue, and then coated foam adhesive foam backing can be formed.

Foam glue can be used when the mechanical foaming machine, adhesive and other components will be pumped into the mixer, mixed with compressed air, into the foam device.


Coating method using scraping roller method, the advantage of the glue process, once the clot appears on the roller, the scraping roller can be cooled and rotated to make it easy to clear the condensate. The amount of glue is controlled by adjusting the up and down position of the roller.

The glued carpet is pre-baked in the infrared region of the gas to accelerate the coagulation of the foam latex and finally cured by baking.


4, process conditions

The main process of rubber carpet processing glue and baking. Requires consistent thickness to prevent the material from leaking to the front of the carpet. The needled carpet should be thoroughly dried after being glued, and the tufted carpet must be sized a second time without having to be very dry to increase the cohesion between the secondary layers.

Baking oven temperature control at 160-170 ℃, the actual temperature on the carpet 140-150 ℃, baking time of about 10 minutes.