Canvas coating machine precautions and shutdown procedures

- Sep 28, 2018-

The canvas coating machine needs to set the coating working mode and related parameters during the operation, then turn on the compressed air, start the drying fan and the drying temperature controller during the operation, and the canvas coater turns on the automatic deviation correction and tension controller power supply. The temperature of each section of the equipment has reached the temperature required by the process. The canvas coating opportunity effectively feeds the coating device hopper while starting the coating machine for coating.

Canvas coating machine shutdown program

1. Confirm that the coated pole piece has been wound up and then stop.

2. Turn off the heater power of the equipment. When the temperature of each section drops below 60 degrees Celsius, stop the drying fan and other fans.

3. Stop the compressed air.

4. Disconnect power from the correcting cabinet and control cabinet.

Canvas coating machine precautions

1. The operator must receive pre-job training and pass the assessment before being employed, and should strictly abide by these operating procedures.

2. Except for the necessary maintenance personnel, it is strictly forbidden for non-personnel personnel to operate the equipment or change the setting parameters.

3. The roller speed ratio is recommended to be set in the range of 1.3 to 1.5.

4. It must be confirmed that the air heater can be started after the drying fan has been started.

5. When adjusting the gap between the coating roller and the back roller, the slurry on the coating roller should be wiped off without sticking the back roller. The parallel and the gap of the two rollers must be consistent (there must be a gap).

6. After resetting the parameters, be sure to press the put button to change the parameters.