Brief description of the overall solution of stereotypes tenter

- Oct 08, 2017-

First of all, we actually have to pay attention to the tumbling finishing in terms of its very large extent, that is, directly above the tenter to put a certain moisture content of the fiber and its moisture performance comparison The width of the fabric of the strong chemical fibers is slowly stretched to a size prescribed by it, and, in the other respect, the tenter is in fact heated and dried at the same time.

In view of this, for the stereotypes tenter in terms of its very large extent, in fact, it is directly to eliminate some of its internal stress, then we actually have to pay attention to the direct coordination of its own one Weft yarn state, this way, that is, can make the fabric uniformity is also more stable, and, on the other hand, that is, to improve the weft and so on the above process.



Stereotypes tenter of the edge of the control in a large extent, in fact, it will be directly on the use of infrared probe controller; in terms of its transmission system, in a very large extent, it will be directly used The exchange of frequency control; on its next, under the super-feed, brush wheel or out of the use of synchronous motor and the main drive of the inverter motor synchronous operation.

On the stereotypes of the control system on a very large extent, in fact, will be directly on the use of all-digital, as well as frequency converter, PLC, touch screen and display with the communication to form a whole. On the stereotypes tenter of the circulating fan to a certain extent, in fact, will use the AC frequency control, motor and fan direct connection.

Finally, when it comes to stereotypes tenter on each section of the drying room temperature is to pay attention to a separate automatic control; on the stereotypes tenter on the spray pipe in a large extent, in fact, it should be noted that should be direct The use of punching nozzle type, and, on the upper and lower speed ratio is actually able to adjust, on this point, in fact, it will be more convenient and appropriate.


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