Blade coating machine working principle and drive function

- May 30, 2018-

In the process of operation, the Blade coating machine mainly completes the tension control of each level by the frequency converter, so that to a certain extent, the tension sensor can realize the tension control, and the system is simple and stable. Use the PLC or synchronous controller to control the speed of the drive roller, and at the same time as the line speed signal of other inverters.

The closed-loop tension control of the Blade coating machine can easily achieve a constant tension during acceleration and deceleration in the process of operation, so that it can effectively save the installation tension, the space of the roller of its equipment, and effectively reduce its mechanical cost. At the same time, high-precision control ensures a highly uniform coating effect. Duplex retractable reel has pre-driver function, which can meet the need of high-speed non-stop automatic roll change and increase production efficiency. At the same time, accurate winding control can avoid bad heart-type winding, so that the winding effect is better.

The blade coating machine can effectively coat aluminum foil, plastic film, paper, cloth, cloth and leather, etc., with a layer of glue, ink, and paint with specific functions during the operation. Dry after the winding.

How blade coating machine works

When the blade coating machine is used, the working principle of the automatic coater, which is mainly used for screen printing plate making, is almost the same. In the operation, it will be different according to different performance models and different manufacturers, and its equipment is The vertical frame is provided with a device capable of clamping the frame, and a horizontal coating mechanism is arranged in front of and behind the screen area. The coating mechanism consists of a coating tank, and a mechanical part that controls the angle and pressure of the coating tank or Pneumatic components.

Both ends of the blade coating machine will be effectively installed on the vertical support arm of the coater. During the operation, the chain coater, the belt and the cable can be effectively driven, so that the coating mechanism can be moved up and down along the wire. The surface of the mesh is coated. The transmission mechanism is connected to a servo or variable frequency motor to make it operate smoothly and accurately control the position of the coating mechanism.