Blade coating machine coating process and blade adjustment

- Sep 26, 2018-

The blade coating machine is mainly used for the surface coating process of its film, paper, etc. during the process of use, and its equipment will apply a layer of specific function glue, ink and paint during the operation. After the drying, the size of the gap between the coater scraper and the coated steel roll is the main criterion for measuring the accuracy of the coater and adjusting the thickness of the coating, so the adjustment of the scraper is very important.


In the structure of the manual blade adjustment in the blade coater, the screw adjustment method is used in the operation, and the adjustment mode thereof has a large dependence on the product, and there is no standard in the process of adjusting the screw.


1. Coating machine blade adjusting structure, comprising: a lining roller, a scraper, a blade holder, a slider and a micrometer, wherein the blade is fixed to the blade holder at an end thereof, and the blade edge is parallel to the lining roller Busbar; one end of the micrometer is a retractable movable end, and the other end is an adjustment handle, the blade holder abuts against the slider, and the contact surface is a slope.


2. The blade holder and the slider form a wedge mechanism; one side of the slider abuts against the movable end of the micrometer, and the other side abuts against the spring, and the slider slides through the movable end of the micrometer and the movement direction of the spring along the movable end. The blade holder is moved in the direction of the blade toward the dancer bus.