Basic constituent elements and functions of the fabric stenter

- Oct 23, 2017-

Analyzing from sales situation of the current market, in fact the types of the fabric stenter are abundant in the market, but regardless of type, the basic structure is consistent. In general, the basic constituent elements of the fabric stenter include a guiding device , a drafting device, a heating device, a ironing device, a blanking device, and an electrostatic elimination device.

So what are the roles of these different parts? The main function of the guiding device is to smoothly guide the fabric that needs to be processed into the fabric stenter. It is usually composed of a plurality of guide rollers, a cloth guiders and a bracket with rollers. The drafting device is divided into two types, including clip and needle faller. The former is used to deal with silk fabrics, while the latter is mostly used for processing cotton, wool fabrics and so on.



Similarly, in the heating process, it can also be selected from two different structural heating devices. For example, in the processing of cotton fabric, the use of closed drying house type, while the silk most uses the open type through steam heating and spray to wet. The ironing device of fabric stenter is mainly to make the extended range of the fabric width size more stable. And it also can make the cloth more flat and bright.


In the fabric stenter, the blanking device also plays an important role. Because the device is usually used to roll the cloth after tentering through a series of guide roll treatment or fall the cloth into the recycle trolley with S-shaped swing to facilitate the next process.

The last to introduce is the electrostatic elimination device. In the process of the above operation, because there is friction and other factors, the fabric surface may produce a certain amount of static electricity. By this device, the accumulated static electricity can be eliminated to ensure the normal production and the final processing effect of the fabric stenter.


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