Basic composition and processing use of waterproof fabric coating machine

- Jan 30, 2019-

Waterproof fabric coating machine is mainly used for the production of PVC and PU leather, etc. It can be used in direct coating method, floating knife coating method and transfer coating method. Different processes can be used to process fabrics that are waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-down, front-side water-absorbing, double-sided, different colors, suede, artificial leather, warm and windproof, super-gloss, fireproof, anti-melting, cold-resistant cloth and industrial fabrics.

Waterproof fabric coating machine consists of two-roller uncoiler storage machine, multi-functional coating machine, drying machine, double-roller cooling machine, laminating machine, indexing double-roller winding machine, separator, self-aligning double-roller winding machine, and other unit machines. The equipment is not only adaptable, but also makes the machine run more reliably and the tension is more constant, and at the same time increases the service life of the release paper.

The design of the drying room of waterproof fabric coating machine adopts reasonable circulation fan and air blowing tube structure to achieve the most reasonable air volume control and uniform temperature; high precision design and manufacture ensure the accuracy of the scraper and the main roller. The quality of the product is guaranteed. The coating head can be equipped with a computer clearance controller to achieve automatic adjustment of the blade holder reset mechanism.