Banner coating machine safety operating procedures and maintenance

- May 21, 2018-

Before using the banner coating machine, some preparations need to be completed. Among them, it is necessary to check whether the air supply pressure of the equipment is normal, check whether the components are clean and intact, and check whether the oven doors and the control cabinet buttons and switches are in normal conditions. Next, the components of the banner coating machine, the pump, the spray head, and the mixing tank should also be installed as required.


If the above checks are confirmed to be normal, the banner coating machine can be turned on for operation. When starting the machine, slowly open the main valve of the compressed air supply to ensure that the total pressure is above 0.5 MPa. Then start the oil boiler circulation pump. After 10 minutes of circulation, turn on the heat system. The oil temperature requires 160°C, and confirm the control cabinet. "Positive pressure protection service switch" is in the "off" position. The positive pressure fan is then put into operation to air wash.


During the operation of the banner coating machine, attention should be paid to the following points: First, when the coating liquid is processed, sufficient ventilation must be performed in advance, and protective equipment should be worn; second, the safety cover must not be removed. Run the coating liquid supply device; Third, avoid scratching the front end of the slot die nozzle and the C-roll during operation, otherwise it will affect the coating quality; Fourth, do not touch the substrate and the tip of the nozzle when the substrate is conveyed to avoid Injured.


At the same time, during the operation of the banner coating machine, attention must also be paid to regular inspections. Throughout this process, we must pay attention to the cleanliness of the nozzle and the operation of the pressure roller of the winding device. At the same time, each shift should check the state of the belt, pressure roller, filter, and trachea, and refuel and maintain the required position.


Finally, proper maintenance and maintenance are required after the work is completed. Under normal circumstances, the C roller bearing oil of the banner coater should be replaced once every six months and the oil quantity should be checked regularly. Second, we must pay attention to the pump stator according to the use of the situation should be promptly replaced or maintained. Staff also need to regularly clean the filter of the compressed air line. In addition, the non-woven filter of the replacement banner coating machine should be cleaned according to the use.