Automotive interior coating machine features and safe operation

- Apr 18, 2019-

Automotive interior coating machine is inseparable from solvent, so it has many parts to resist solvent; paint is flammable and explosive, many parts of automotive interior coating machine should be flame retardant and explosion-proof; Fine, high precision equipment requirements; automotive interior coating machines are easier to plan assembly line production, saving labor.


In order to safely use the automotive interior coating machine, the equipment operator must be proficient in the construction, performance, operation and maintenance methods of various machines, and be used by dedicated personnel. Before the machine starts working, it must be tested before the parts can work normally.


Shields and guard plates shall be provided for shafts, chains, pulleys, belts and other operating parts on automotive interior finishers. If there is abnormality or other failure during mechanical operation, the power should be cut off immediately and the vehicle should be shut down for maintenance. The surrounding of the equipment is mostly flammable, fireworks should be strictly prohibited; when the equipment is commissioned and maintained, the total power supply must be cut off.