Application range and equipment characteristics of the non-woven impregnation line

- Dec 11, 2018-

The non-woven impregnation line is widely used in computerized embroidered embroidery fabrics, which can be used for garment linings, filter materials, medical materials, etc. The products produced by the equipment have uniform cloth surface, good drape, and the product is fluffy and has certain elasticity. The product is suitable for flocking cloth, flower packaging, garment lining, embroidery lining, composite material, hat, filter cloth and so on.

The measuring roller gap adjustment of the non-woven impregnation line adopts servo control, which can directly set the gap between the two rollers and automatically adjust it accurately; the cutter adopts the hob method to adjust the upper cutting speed by servo control, which improves the high speed or shear accuracy and stability when speed changes.

The unwinding production line of the non-woven impregnation line adopts the whole active unwinding method, combined with the displacement sensor to control the unwinding tension in the closed loop to ensure the stability of the unwinding tension; the large-diameter traction water-cooling roller ensures the traction effect and reduces the temperature of stacking of the impregnated paper.

In the non-woven impregnation line, the drying fan of the drying section is placed in the center position, and the hot air uniformly enters the upper and lower ovens from the four directions through the pipeline, which ensures the uniformity of the wind pressure, air volume and temperature in the drying section, and greatly reduces the jitter of the impregnated paper in the oven to reduce the breakage of the impregnated paper during high-speed operation.