Application range and communication control of fabric coating machine

- Aug 13, 2018-

The main characteristic of the fabric coating machine is that the speed and the amount of glue are mainly controlled by AC. The glue amount and speed can be automatically synchronized and can be adjusted manually. The temperature control system of the fabric coating machine adopts advanced PID control, the error is within 1 °C.

The cooling device of the fabric coater expands the application range of the substrate. The high-precision cemented steel die ensures high-quality coating quality during operation, and the melter is coated with anti-stick during operation. The coating effectively prevents charring of the hot melt adhesive. The precision metering gear pump is configured during operation to make the glue out of the tank more uniform.

The fabric coating machine can be used in one machine. It can be coated with release paper, craft paper, non-woven fabric, metal aluminum foil, PVDC, PVA, PE, PET material, BOPP, textured paper, foam, copper paper, etc. A variety of substrates such as dry paper, label paper, plastic film, natural textiles, chemical fiber fabrics, and shoe materials. According to different product requirements, the optimized design makes the equipment function very practical and flexible. It is also possible to change the configuration of the device according to the different requirements of the customer.