Application of Interlining Coating Machine, process requirements and characteristics

- Mar 05, 2018-

When it comes to the use of lining coating machine, it is more suitable for the application of shoe materials, electronics, sponge, EVA, PE, fabric, etc. when actually used. As for the technical requirements of this automatic lining coating machine, because this equipment needs to glue or ink material evenly to the surface of aluminum foil, plastic film or cloth textile.


At this time, the automatic lining coating machine for the coating process requirements will also higher, not only requires a uniform coating height, the actual use of the time, we will find, in terms of itself, that is to be able to Achieve high-speed non-stop machine replacement in the hope of improving production efficiency.


Automatic lining cloth coating machine advantages of such processes, because the device which the inverter to complete tension control at all levels, the tension sensor in the use of tension control, the system itself is that it will become extremely simple and stable. And PLC or synchronous controller will be used to control the drive roller drive speed, at the same time it will be used as the other drive line speed signal.


S350 closed-loop tension control (sense of vector control) used in the automatic lining coating machine, in the actual operation, that is, it can easily achieve constant tension during acceleration and deceleration, saving space for tension roller installation, so that a In the end, we actually need to pay attention to the high degree of uniformity of the coating effect to the extent that it can reduce the mechanical costs while achieving high-precision control.


Automatic lining coating machine to achieve double-station retractable roll with pre-drive function, so that automatic lining coating machine that is able to meet the high-speed non-stop automatic roll change, but also can improve production efficiency requirements. Automatic lining cloth coating machine accurate winding control to a certain extent, that is, to avoid the bad heart style winding, the winding effect to maintain a better and more level.