Application of foam coating machine

- Dec 28, 2017-

Foaming coating is in the higher concentration finishing fluid by adding a foaming agent (usually surfactant) and then use the foaming equipment to make it mixed with the air. A process of forming a mass of foam which is then applied uniformly to the surface of the fabric by a foam applicator. The surface of the fabric is coated with a foam adhesive layer. The coating layer is used to produce flame retardant and antifouling properties. The fabric also has unique style, feel and appearance, good air permeability and low cost.

Foam coating has many advantages, such as saving chemical agents, energy saving, lower processing costs, and uniform coating, easy to control the amount of coating; In addition, the coating on the back of the fabric processing, due to the tiny air bubbles on the coating Liquid thickener, to prevent the coating liquid penetration to the front of the fabric and affect the appearance of the fabric, but also make foam coated fabric has a softer feel. Heavy-duty fabrics and surface structure fabrics can be single-sided or double-sided processing.

Foaming device

Foaming device is divided into three categories: filler-type static foaming device, multi-level static net foam device, dynamic foam generator and high-speed stirring shear foam.

At present, the most mature application is high-speed mixing shear foam.

Brewing device

Foam application devices can be broadly classified into six types: blade type, roller type, rubber vacuum suction type, mesh belt type, cylinder type, slit type and bubble type.

The main application area of the foam coating is the coating used for interior decorations, such as curtain material sunscreen coating, blinds, wall cloth and so on. At the same time can also be based on the requirements of customers in the product electrostatic flocking, fabric can produce a comfortable feel.

v  curtain coating

v  tablecloth coating

v  tent material coating

v  latex mattresses and pillows

v  carpet backing