Application market of coating machine is more and more wide

- Sep 15, 2017-

Coating machine is to adapt to the collection of goods storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading operation of the packaging requirements, the design and manufacture of pallet-type coater, capping type of drag-pull coater, pre-pull automatic film coating machine products, widely used in foreign trade exports, food and beverages, irrigation, paper, dyes, plastic chemicals, glass ceramics, Mechanical and electrical casting products, such as the cost of assembly. Coating machine can improve production efficiency, but also to prevent the goods in the handling process damage, and play a dust, moisture and cleaning role.

Coating machine in the running process often occurs in the transmission parts of the problem, such as coating machine dryer shaft head wear, roll paper roller bearing room wear. Traditional repair methods are surfacing, thermal spraying, brush plating, and so on, but there are some drawbacks: surfacing will make the parts surface to a very high temperature, resulting in deformation or crack, serious will also lead to shaft fracture; electroplating coating can not be too thick, and serious pollution, the application has been limited. With the development of technology, the solution of the above-mentioned problems can be used polymer composite materials, of which the application of more mature technology system of the United States. Materials with good adhesion and compressive strength, can be removed from the site repair coating machine wear. At the same time because of its lack of metal concessions, can be very good absorption equipment shock vibration, to avoid two times wear.