Application and scope of printing coating machine

- Feb 04, 2021-

Coating machine is more complicated than textile equipment, and its output and production speed are much higher in the process of film processing. In the coating and lamination process, compared with textiles, paper has higher output and production speed. Generally, films and papers have better dimensional stability than fabrics, but high production speeds can cause other problems. By comparing with these related industries, you can learn knowledge and promote the development of the company.

Other industries related to fabric coating include the rubber industry, the origin of coated fabrics and the rubber industry (there are still many rubber materials used for fabric coating), fabrics and polymer composite materials belong to high-tech and high-growth areas. Fabric coating is also related to fabric printing. In fact, pigment printing is an ink coating that is bonded by a binder according to some definitions. Some of the binders are polymers used with the coating, and the thickener in pigment printing inks Similar to those used in fabric coating. "Full-width" printing is difficult to distinguish from light and thin coatings, and rotary screen printing machines can easily complete this coating.