Application and principle of denim coating machine and its main parameters

- Nov 17, 2017-

Denim coating machine, which is a coating machine, but also the more common and commonly used species. Its main role is to carry out coating production, because this kind of coating machine is for the denim fabric, so, it will be called denim coating machine. Well, then, from different aspects, will lead you to further familiar with and understand the denim coating machine this kind of coating machine.


1. Coater specific types and denim coating machine properties and models

There are many types of coaters, such as non-woven coaters, jet coater coaters, film coaters, grid coaters, and other coaters. The denim coating machine, which is the more common species, which in properties, is a coating machine in this category. Moreover, this kind of coating machine model, there are a lot of, but here, not one by one for example.


2. Applications and equipment features

Denim coating machine function, from its name can be seen that it is for denim coating operation, that is, in the denim fabric on the substrate, coated with a layer of a specific function of the plastic, fabric Or other substances, etc., and drying and other operations, so as to be used directly after curing or for subsequent processing. Therefore, its scope of application, not very broad, is the denim fabric.


3 working principle and workflow

How it works: Through the high-speed coating head and take-up and take-off device, as well as some corresponding movement and control agencies, etc., denim coated with a layer of plastic, paint or ink and other substances, and drying, winding and other operations , In order to carry on the follow-up work, and get the desired finished product.

Workflow: Denim coating machine workflow, specifically speaking, is very simple, for the coating operation, and then drying and winding and other work, thus, to complete its entire operation.


4 coating method and the main parameters

The manner of application of the denim coating machine is determined by the medium to be coated. If it is a liquid material, use a coating wheel, apply it evenly to the denim, or spray it. In this way, you can get a good coating effect. So, what method should be used, or by the coating medium to decide.

In the coating of the relevant parameters, mainly the coating speed, coating medium type and viscosity, coating thickness, and the drying temperature of these five, and are very important, therefore, indispensable. Moreover, it is for us, it is also necessary to know clearly, so as to ensure that the denim coating machine has a good processing effect.