Applicable objects and product characteristics of fabric coating machine

- Oct 18, 2019-

The fabric coating machine is suitable for surface coating of fabrics and leathers; the types of processed fabrics include plain cloth non-woven fabrics, umbrella fabrics, luggage fabrics, tent fabrics, industrial fabrics, leather, etc.; the range of rubber coatings is also very wide: PU Glue, AC glue, PVC glue, rubber color glue and solvent glue, water soluble glue, etc.


Practice has proved that the fabric coating machine can be packaged and shipped for gluing, drying, solidifying, trimming and fixed length winding. It can be packaged and shipped after being machined, with compact structure, small footprint and beautiful appearance. Each part of the guide roller and the driving roller are all ground and shaped by a cylindrical grinding machine to ensure the dimensional accuracy of each roller, eliminating the phenomenon of uneven running of the fabric and unevenness of the glue.


The winding part of the fabric coating machine adopts the magnetic powder brake to wind up, which can set the walking speed of the fabric and maintain the constant tension; the temperature in the oven is set as required, the constant temperature can be kept unchanged after setting, and the temperature is controlled and controlled by the temperature controller. The fabric coating electrical control system adopts standard electric cabinet and panel type centralized control, and the operation is simple and easy to understand.