Applicability of waterproof fabric coating machine and its working temperature and speed

- May 02, 2018-

Waterproof fabrics, literally, are one of the coating machines, and they are for waterproof fabrics. Therefore, they are called waterproof fabric coating machines. So, what kind of knowledge and understanding should we have about this type of coating machine, so that we can use it properly and use it reasonably in the actual work, and then we can obtain good economic benefits.


1. Does the waterproof fabric coating machine adapt to each waterproof fabric?

Waterproof fabric coating machine, whether it adapts to each waterproof fabric, if the problem from a professional point of view, then the answer is not necessarily because, does not rule out some special circumstances. This kind of coating machine is suitable for most waterproof fabrics, but there are some special cases that may not apply.


2. Is waterproof fabric available for waterproof fabrics?

Waterproof fabrics and waterproof breathable fabrics, although the two are similar in name, but they are different and cannot be equated. Because, waterproof breathable fabric, it refers to both wind and rain, but also perspiration a breathable fabric, and waterproof fabric, it is only focused on waterproof performance. The waterproof breathable fabric, whether it can be used waterproof fabric coating machine, mainly to see the actual situation, because, it is up to it.


3. Waterproof fabric coating machine, which is for waterproof fabrics, then, how is waterproof fabric obtained?

Waterproof fabric coating machine, mainly for waterproof fabrics. The waterproof fabric, which is a kind of fabric, is to put the fabric in the waterproof finishing liquid for waterproof finishing, and then evenly apply a layer of VAE waterproof glue on the surface. After that, drying is performed in the dryer and the curing agent is cured so that a waterproof fabric can be obtained.


4. What is the main concern of the working speed of the waterproof fabric coating machine?

Waterproof fabric coating machine, its operating speed, mainly with the equipment performance, the main components of the equipment, as well as the material properties and so on. The operating temperature of the coating machine is related to the type and nature of the material and the requirements for the use of the product. In addition, it is also related to some temperature control components.