Advertising fabric coating machine installation and operation

- Jun 15, 2018-

Advertising fabric coating machines need to effectively perform their cleaning work before coating. To a certain extent, a forehead screen plate is loaded from the front of the coating machine, and the model can be effective when it is operated. The side of the screen is loaded into the screen. In the case of a large-format screen frame, the side loading is more common because the frame is large and bulky, and the side loading makes the amount of lifting and moving smaller.

In the process of running online with other automatic screen processing equipments, the advertising fabric coating machine needs to be more convenient from the side loading plate to a certain extent, no matter how it is installed on the screen, once The screen is in the correct position and the pneumatic clamping device or the mechanical clamping device is closed, locking the screen.

In order to make the operation of the advertising fabric coating machine easier, many models of the advertisement fabric coating machine will have a foot pedal to control the layout. The operator can use both hands to control the screen. After the screen is installed, apply the corresponding emulsion to the automatic coating machine and start the coating. According to the functions of the control system and the equipment, the equipment can coat both sides of the screen at the same time.

There are two ways to advertise the fabric coating machine. During the running process, it can effectively apply the emulsion on the screen through its multiple wet-pressing operations, or add a drying process after each coating. A machine that quantitatively coats a liquid (or melt) polymer material such as an adhesive or paint on the surface of a material.

The advertising fabric coating machine is suitable for the production of flexible substrates such as PVC/PE film. Simply put, the adhesive is applied to the film. Specific controls include gluing, drying, rewinding, and tensioning. The film can be PVC, PE, PET... It can also be some paper, such as hot melt adhesive on release paper.

The button of the advertisement fabric coater hits the interface of the heating system, sets the heating temperature to 150 degrees, the power of the circulating fan is 50%, and the exhaust fan is manually controlled and exhausted at 100% power, so that the residual moisture in the oven can be effectively removed. In order to maintain the role of the oven. After about 30 minutes of operation, the heating system was turned off, and the circulating fan and the exhaust fan were allowed to continue until the temperature in the oven dropped below 100 degrees and then closed again.