Advantages and Production Efficiency of Textile Coating Machine

- Oct 27, 2017-

Textile coating machine will be used in the effective use of its glue or ink substances evenly adhere to the plastic film, aluminum foil and fabric textile surface, so that the coating process requirements will be relatively high, textile coating machine Not only requires a high degree of uniform coating and to be able to achieve high-speed non-stop changing to improve production efficiency.

Textile coating machine in the course of the operation has a lot of advantages, the equipment is mainly completed by the inverter tension control, the use of tension sensors can achieve tension control, the whole system is simple and stable, in the operation mainly by the PLC Or a synchronous controller to control the speed of the drive roller, and as a line speed signal for other frequency converters.


Textile coating machine is mainly used closed-loop tension control, in the operation can easily achieve the acceleration and deceleration of the process of constant tension, saving the installation of tension roller space, reduce mechanical costs, while high-precision control to ensure a high degree of uniform coating effect.

The textile coating machine is effective in the use of double-station retractable roll with pre-drive function, which will be able to effectively meet the high-speed non-stop automatic change volume, can effectively improve the efficiency of their production needs, while accurate Volume control can avoid poor cabbage curls, so that the winding effect is better.

For example, there are cloth, leather, aluminum foil, paper and plastic film, etc., which are coated with a specific function of glue, ink or paint, etc., and dried after drying volume.