Advantages and characteristics of waterproof fabric coating machine

- Sep 30, 2018-

The waterproof fabric coating machine needs to evenly adhere the glue or the ink substance to the surface of the aluminum foil, the plastic film or the cloth textile, and the coating process requirement is relatively high, not only the coating height is required to be uniform, but also the high speed non-stop changeable volume can be realized to improve Productivity.


Advantages of waterproof fabric coating machine

The waterproof fabric coating machine mainly performs the tension control of each stage by the frequency converter, so that the tension sensor can realize the tension control, and the system is simple and stable. The speed of the drive roller inverter is controlled by a PLC or a synchronous controller, and is used as a line speed signal of other inverters.

Closed-loop tension control (inductive vector control) makes it easy to achieve constant tension during acceleration and deceleration, saves space for installing tension rollers, reduces mechanical costs, and high-precision control ensures a highly uniform coating effect.

The double-position retractable and unwinding roll of the waterproof fabric coating machine has a pre-drive function, which can meet the requirements of high-speed non-stop automatic roll change and increase production efficiency. At the same time, accurate winding control can avoid the bad heart-winding and make the winding effect better.


Main features of waterproof fabric coating machine

1. The host speed and glue supply speed can be adjusted manually or automatically.

2. All the driving rollers and passive guide wheels are corrected by high-precision dynamic balancing equipment, supplemented by a reasonable installation process, so that the whole machine runs smoothly, the noise is low, the composite material is not wrinkled, and the effect is good.

3. High-precision alloy die and high-precision metering gear pump ensure high-quality coating effect.