Adjustment instructions for latex coating machine when applying glue

- Aug 09, 2018-

Usually, the working speed of the latex coating machine is about 14 meters per minute. If there is intermittent problem during the glue application, the pressure can be adjusted appropriately. When the amount of glue is small, the pressure of the latex coating machine or the large screw of the glue must be adjusted. If the speed is not suitable after adjustment, adjust the hydraulic pressure and the temperature of the rubber cylinder and the rubber head.


During the operation of the latex coating machine, the rate at which it is dispensed is often affected by pressure and temperature. Therefore, if the operation speed is not satisfactory, the inverter can be adjusted by itself to control the speed of the conveyor belt and adjust the pressure and temperature accordingly, so that the equipment can produce qualified products to meet the needs of customers.


In addition, the front and rear pressure rollers and the glue dispensing time of the latex coater are generally set by the manufacturer. Therefore, the user can adjust according to the needs of the work. Adjustments can be made through the display unit on the panel. The latex coating machine is equipped with a function of timed start and delayed shutdown. The time can be set through the man-machine interface. As long as the start button is pressed each time, the system can be automatically turned on and off.