A brief description of the process requirements of the automatic coating machine

- Oct 08, 2017-

First of all, on the automatic coating machine, on its very large extent, it will be more suitable for shoe materials, electronics industry, there is its sponge, EVA, PE, cloth and other aspects of the coating. On the automatic coating machine process requirements, to its extent, in fact, it will be necessary to glue or ink substances evenly adhere to the aluminum foil or plastic film, there is the fabric of its textile surface.

In this regard, the automatic coating machine for the coating process on the requirements of the fact that it will be relatively high, not only requires a high degree of uniform coating, and on another aspect, in terms of its extent, in fact, It should be noted that it is necessary to achieve high-speed non-stop to change the volume to improve its own production efficiency.


In addition, we actually have to pay attention to the advantages of the program on the automatic coating machine, because it is completed by the inverter on the different levels of tension on the control, to a large extent on the use of a direct tension sensor to carry out To achieve the control of the tension on its system is actually very simple and relatively stable. With the PLC or the synchronous controller to control the drive speed on the drive roller, at the same time, it is, to a large extent, it will be used as the other line speed signal on the inverter.

Moreover, when it comes to automatic coating machine, in fact, there will be S350 closed-loop tension control (sense of vector control), in its very large extent, it is easy to achieve the acceleration and deceleration process Of the tension is constant, in order to its very large extent, in fact, it will be directly to save the installation of tension roller space.


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