A brief description of the heat setting machine Power-on procedures

- Feb 06, 2018-

Heat setting tenter machine boot

First click into the fabric agency button into the fabric agency interface, then click the top left corner into the fabric control switch to the red;Click on the button on the heat setting tenter machine equipment into a cloth agency user interface,Then click on the top left corner of the cloth control switch to the red.Press the reset button above the operation panel "RESET", the indicator light is off,The power-on indicator blinks, depressing the power-on indicator and the chain turns, accelerating the blinking light.

Thermal stenter in the boot operation, pay attention to click on the oven button into the heating system:Click the circular fan icon to enter the circulating fan power setting window,Click the Circulation Fan Total button pops up the circulation fan power setting small window,Then click on the white bottom digital box to pop up the numeric keypad, enter the output power value we need, press confirm.

Click the upper left corner or the upper right corner of the exhaust fan schematic icon into the exhaust fan power setting window,Click the manual control button and confirm, click on the white number box to pop up a small number of keyboard to enter the value we need to confirm.

If you click the automatic control button and confirm the exhaust fan will automatically adjust the exhaust fan power.

Heat setting stencil on the right cloth to wear the cloth into the cloth after the guide into the cloth to the console,Put on the correct part of the cloth to wear cloth through the conduction band (from the cloth overfeed roller to the cloth rack).

Thermal stenter should be based on the process card to find the need to be processed cloth pushed into the cloth department connected to the guide cloth,  and put into the inverted pulp tank (discharge 20L).

Heat setting stenter to be processed according to the organization of the fabric and process requirements fall package or car loaded.Set the parameters of each part, then according to the weft to be processed fabric presetting the weft fast / slow, left fast / right fast.